Way of Ramen Podcast – Episode 8 – James Chant (Matsudai Ramen)

In this episode of the Way of Ramen Podcast, we sit down with James Chant, ramen cook and owner of Matsudai Ramen in Cardiff, Wales. We dig into how James went from a career in the music industry to finding himself hosting ramen pop-ups that sell out instantly whenever tickets go on sale all in a city (Cardiff) that is not really known as a ramen obsessed area. I had a lot of fun recording this episode with James and I personally learned a lot from the questions that you guys submitted so thank you guys for that! If you’re in the UK, I think it would be time well spent trying to snag a ticket to one of James’ events to experience a bowl of ramen where no corners are cut.

You can find James on Instagram @matsudairamen
and his website https://matsudai.co.uk

Show notes:
Ramen Adventures Rajuku episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fysni9Z0xAY

You can also listen to Brian’s (Ramen Adventures) interview in episode 6

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