Way of Ramen Podcast – Ep. 15 – Payesone Myatmon (@payesone)

In today’s episode I sit down with Payesone Myatmon, a ramen chef working in the DC area. Payesone, has an interesting story in that he was born and grew up in Japan but he’s not Japanese. His parents moved to Japan from Myanmar and worked in the culinary world, his dad actually made ramen at his job in Japan. After moving to the US as a teenager, he went on to attend the Culinary Institute of America where he met a friend who was also from Japan and had deep ties to the ramen world. Since then he’s been fully invested in making ramen at work and also at home during his free time. Payesone is a very thoughtful ramen chef who’s approach to making ramen and I’m always very excited to talk to younger chefs who seem to have figured out a lot of things when it comes to making great ramen at such a young age so this was a really fun conversation for me. I feel like I learned a lot.

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