Way of Ramen Podcast – Episode 6 – Brian MacDuckston (Ramen Adventures)

In today’s episode, we have a true legend in the ramen community, Brian MacDuckston. Long before I even tried to make my first bowl of ramen at home, I was watching Brian’s videos on youtube. He’s a true pioneer when it comes to producing ramen content as he’s been blogging about ramen for over a decade. He’s incredibly well respected not only to us westerners but also in Japan’s ramen scene which is a feat onto itself but even more impressive by the fact that he’s a foreigner. Brian has been featured in numerous TV programs, had weekly columns in magazines and written books about ramen that have been published in both Japanese and English.

In this episode we go into how he got started with his ramen adventure, hanging out with Keizo Shimamoto and Ivan Orkin in Japan, some of the best bowls he’s had in Japan, some of the worst bowl, and what he’s doing now.

Here are some links that we discuss in the show:
Ramen Adventures Blog
Ramen Adventures Youtube Channel
Ms Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles (ラーメンが大好き小泉ちゃん)
Best of Ramen (Brian’s yearly rankings)

I hope you all enjoy this episode. It was a blast talking to Brian who is a true legend and I hope to have him on again in the future.

If you have any suggestions for future guests, feel free to hit me up on instagram @wayoframen

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