Way of Ramen Podcast – Ep. 14 – Takerou Kanda (@jisakuramen)

Today’s guest is really someone special. We sit down and interview Mr. Takerou Kanda, an amateur ramen cook who gained notoriety in Japan after winning a ramen competition against professional chefs. Kanda-san has been making ramen at home for 20 years. His approach is unique in the sense he chose to focus on only one style of ramen for years until he perfected it before moving on to the next style. So he spent 3 years making nothing but shoyu ramen. In addition to that, he’s also gone and visited niboshi and shoyu factories to learn how the ingredients of ramen are made so he could better use them.

As always for our Japanese guests, I’m joined by @backyardramen who did a great job translating for Kanda-san. The more he got into the interview, the longer his answers got, but she did a great job summarizing his main points.

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