Way of Ramen Podcast – Episode 5 – Andre Ki

In this episode of the Way of Ramen Podcast, I sit down with Andre Ki, a 20-year old ramen cook from Perth Australia. This episode was a blast to record and it was exactly the kind of conversation I was hoping to have when I started the podcast. Andre knows a ton about making ramen and his passion can be felt whenever he talks about it. He goes into what the Australian ramen scene is like and goes in-depth into his processes for making tare, soups, and noodles at home.

I really hope you guys enjoy this conversation as much as I did recording it.

Please give Andre a follow on instagram @andre1202

and keep a lookout for his posts on /r/ramen as user /u/-Kim-Jongun-

Also thank you to everyone who submitted questions for the episode, I didn’t get to all of them but I do appreciate you guys taking the time to ask things. Sometimes I botch asking the questions, I’m still trying to get better at this interviewing thing so please bear with me as I learn.

If you have any suggestions for future guests, feel free to message me on instagram @wayoframen. I’m always down to have more conversations about ramen.

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