Way of Ramen Podcast – Episode 3 – Mike Satinover (Ramen Lord)

In this episode of the podcast, I speak to a man who needs no introduction but I’m going to do my best to write one. Mike Satinover aka Ramen Lord, is one of the most respected ramen cooks on the internet. He began making ramen in 2010 after returning home to Chicago after a year of studying abroad in Sapporo Japan where he fell in love with miso ramen. After years of experimentation and research, Mike began posting his recipes online to the Ramen subreddit and he quickly gained a loyal following of people from all around the world (myself included) who were looking to create ramen at home. Mike’s miso ramen has been called by publications the best ramen in Chicago. An honor even more impressive due to the fact he does not even have a restaurant.

Mike and I talked for 3 hours (some of it not recorded) straight about ramen and I feel like we could have gone for many more hours. His passion for ramen is infectious and only matched by his knowledge of his favorite food.

His episode turned up being a 2 parter, in this episode we have an in-depth discussion on his history with ramen, common misconceptions of ramen and his thoughts on American ramen and the future of ramen in America.

In part 2 coming next week, we do an hour of Q&A with questions submitted by listeners.

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