Way of Ramen Podcast Episode 2 – David Chan (Nichijou Ramen)

In this episode of the Way of Ramen Podcast, we sit down with David Chan a.k.a Nichijou Ramen. David is what I would call a pioneer in the western Ramen scene. He first got into Ramen close to 15 years ago and has been posting recipes to his blog where he built a following of over 20,000 fellow ramen nerds on instagram.

When I first started posting ramen content online, David was one of the first people to reach out to me and right from the get go, he was always so helpful and friendly, I think he’s a great example of the kind of people who are in this worldwide ramen community.

In this episode we talk about making ramen, doing ramen pop-ups, and what he’d like to do in ramen in the future.

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for David, I didn’t really even have to come up with my own questions because there were so many solid questions from you guys. If you’d like to any future guests questions, follow me on instagram @wayoframen. Whenever I have a guest I usually post a story a day in advanced where people can submit their questions.

Be sure to follow David on instagram @nichijou.ramen and check out his blog at nijijou.net.

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