Vegan Shoyu TareBy ryanThis vegan shoyu tare was made to use with the Vegan Tonkotsu Recipe on this website. It's a really quick tare that can be used the same day because it isn't heated.
Tori Paitan TareBy ryanThis tare recipe is translated from a Japanese ramen recipe book. A recreation of Fujishiro tori paitan ramen.
Simple Shio TareBy ryanThis is a super simple shio tare recipe that can be used to make a simple ramen using just hot water and chicken fat.
Kikanbo Style RamenBy CraigThis recipe is for a tare meant to be paired with a tonkotsu stock. It's based off of High Five's version of the famous kikanbo style ramen made with with chinese and japanese spices.
Simple Miso TareBy ryanThis miso tare recipe is translated from a Japanese book. It uses 4 types of miso, each which bring its own distinct flavor.
Shame the Pros Shoyu TareBy ryanThis recipe was tranlated from a Japanese video on youtube. I scaled it down a lot because the original recipe was huge.