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Tori Paitan Tare

Yields1 Serving

This tare recipe is translated from a Japanese ramen recipe book. A recreation of Fujishiro tori paitan ramen.

tori paitan ramen

 25 g Saba Bushi
 25 g Katsuo Bushi
 32.50 g NiboshiKatakuchi Iwashi
 15 g KonbuMa-Konbu
 10 g Dried Shiitake
 15 g GarlicSliced
 Garlic1/2 Bulb Cut in thirds
 550 ml Usukuchi Shoyu
 90 ml Koikuchi ShoyuRegular Soy sauce (use best quality you can get)
 110 ml Sake
 110 Mirin

Weigh out and add all ingredients into a pot. Heat up at medium heat.


When pot begins to simmer, mix everything together well. Just before it begins to boil, turn off the heat and let the tare rest overnight at room temperature.


The next day, strain the tare into a container. Let it rest 1 day before use.

Tori Paitan Recipe

Use 2 tablespoons tare + 1 tablespoon of fried onion aroma oil + 300ml of tori paitan soup. Top with the fried onions from aroma oil.