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Simple Shio Tare

Yields1 ServingPrep Time5 minsCook Time10 minsTotal Time15 mins

This is a super simple shio tare recipe that can be used to make a simple ramen using just hot water and chicken fat.

Shio Tare Recipe

 450 ml Water
 70 g Sea Salt
 25 ml Mirin
 7.50 ml Rice Vinegar
 25 ml Usukuchi Shoyu
 5 g Caster Sugar
 2.50 g MSG

Bring 450 ml water to a boil. Then dissolve in the 70g of sea salt.


Once salt is dissolved, reduce heat and add 25ml mirin, 7.5ml rice vinegar, 25ml usukuchi shoyu, and 5g sugar. Stir to combine everything together.


add 2.5 g msg. stir to combine then let tare cool. When cool transfer tare to a different container. Keep in fridge to store.

How to use Tare

36ml tare, 15ml chi-yu, 400ml hot water will make a super simple bowl of shio ramen that you can use to test new noodle recipes.