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Simple Miso Tare

Yields15 Servings

This miso tare recipe is translated from a Japanese book. It uses 4 types of miso, each which bring its own distinct flavor.

 500 ml Sake
 100 g Hacho Miso
 100 g Saikyo Miso
 500 g Red Miso(Komemiso)
 500 g White MIso(Komemiso)
 50 g Brown Sugar
 30 g IrigomaRoasted Sesame Seeds

Add sake to a wok and burn off alcohol


When the alcohol has burned off, add the 4 varieties of miso. Gently stir all the miso pastes together with a ladle making sure that none of it gets stuck at the bottom. Do not let the miso boil.


When the miso has been fully mixed together, turn off the heat add the brown sugar and irigoma. Stir everything together with the remnant heat.


Transfer tare to a container and let it rest for 1 night at room temperature. Then store in the fridge.

Nutrition Facts

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