Vegan Shoyu TareBy ryanThis vegan shoyu tare was made to use with the Vegan Tonkotsu Recipe on this website. It's a really quick tare that can be used the same day because it isn't heated.
Mentsuyu SubstituteBy ryanI use Hon tsuyu in a few videos on my youtube channel and it can be hard to find. You can make it at home if you have a few Japanese ingredients.
Tori Paitan TareBy ryanThis tare recipe is translated from a Japanese ramen recipe book. A recreation of Fujishiro tori paitan ramen.
Simple Shio TareBy ryanThis is a super simple shio tare recipe that can be used to make a simple ramen using just hot water and chicken fat.
10 Minute Easy Chuka Soba RecipeBy ryanThis recipe comes from a youtuber called 独学ラーメン店長. He helped me adjust the ingredients for what we can get in America.
Super Simple Shio RamenBy ryanThis is a very simple way to make a quick shio ramen by just mixing a few ingredients together.
Nikomi ChashuBy ryanNikomi Chashu is a type of chashu made by braising pork belly in a soy sauce mixture.
Quick Menma RecipeBy ryanReal menma requires fermentation and is difficult to make at home but you can use this quick method with bamboo shoots to make a substitute topping that tastes good.
Simple Miso TareBy ryanThis miso tare recipe is translated from a Japanese book. It uses 4 types of miso, each which bring its own distinct flavor.
Shame the Pros Shoyu TareBy ryanThis recipe was tranlated from a Japanese video on youtube. I scaled it down a lot because the original recipe was huge.